Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss: Framing Your Mindset for a Better Life

So, what is the deal with Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss? Is it just another weight loss story by a celebrity that involves straining oneself from enjoying food and put one’s body under great distress caused by intense workout? Is it about getting major surgical procedures to get rid of unwanted belly rolls? Is it something that comes with expensive supplements and a sophisticated diet plan that includes strange, exotic, never-before-heard plant from a tropical country? Kirsten Vangsness is a wildly popular actress; her success in bringing down her scale measurement is obviously inspiring and all. People, particularly those who share the same problem, might want to learn a few tricks to get the same result as she does.

So, is there anything special about Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss program? If by “special” you mean things mentioned in previous paragraph, you would be mistaken. First, we cannot know for sure if Vangsness had undergone surgery to deal with her body weight as the actress herself never gets into too much detail about this. But judging by her choice of weight loss program, it is safe to assume that she might not have any procedures. Even if she did, that’s completely her personal choice and what matters most is how she accompanied that with a better maintenance afterwards.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss program is called Full-Filled. The program was introduced by Renee Stephens and offers a practitioner to get closer to their own selves rather than focusing too much on how to get a better body shape and reduced scale.

  1. Meditation is an important element in the program. Breathing training is great to achieve a stable state of mind.
  2. The weight loss program also emphasizes on how you should learn to accept yourself for who you really are rather than focusing on a set of goal.

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